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Welcome to DRIFT-TRACK - the Japanese Car Import Specialist. We exist to aid our customers import vehicles of outstanding quality from Japan & the USA. Our Stock service offers nearly 10,000 different vehicles for import at fixed costs, and as 150,000 pass through Japanese auctions weekly, Drift-Track has confidence in finding your desired vehicle. Acting on your behalf, Drift-Track and our team of car export specialists will give you the best advice at every stage of the import process, handling everything from shipping arrangements to delivering your car to your doorstep.*

How is DRIFT-TRACK Different from other importers?
- Import companies find a car for their customers and they make up the price hugely - Import companies buy cars cheap from traders and store them - which in turn means they have higher overheads causing an increase in price for them to make a profit; this means they cannot pass on the savings to the end user - You.


Why Choose DRIFT-TRACK…?
Our aim is to pass huge savings on to our clients by providing the largest selection of Japanese vehicles online. We will be acting as an Importing agent for you; this means:

  • You can get to choose from a huge stock rather than traders limiting you with the stock they have bought.
  • You get to save on the huge traders mark up prices.
  • Because we act as an Agent, we only work on an “Admin” fee rather than on Commission- so the saving is passed directly to you
  • This will be evident on the prices of our cars displayed. **
  • You are buying from an enthusiast rather than a money making trade company.
  • We have very good dealing with the best Drift and Track companies in Japan
  • We can source Japanese Classic cars as well, Skylines, Celica’s, Corolla Ae86’s...
  • We have great contacts with USA traders for all those dream cars, Shelby’s, Mustangs, Dodge charger…

So contact us now!

Import with confidence and security by dealing with a UK registered company.

We look forward to dealing with you.

*(Note: We don’t register cars, but all the paperwork is provided) **(Note: Due to the current downturn in economy the Pound is very weak, causing car prices to be inflated)

E-mail: info@drift-track.co.uk

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